Happy 2018! No Year New Year’s party is complete without party favors including glasses, noisemakers, hats and other decorations.

My favorite New Year party favors are the light-up glasses in the shape of numbers. I got two pair of 2018 glasses where each number lit up. There is a feature where the lights blink in different rhythms.

It’s pretty trippy wearing the glasses with the blinking feature on.

It’s not a happy new year unless I run outside with noisemakers and shout “Happy New Year” right at the midnight. That tradition dates back to elementary school and I would spend New Years with my neighbor who lived two doors up.

Every year, until high school, when the clock strikes 12, we would run up and down our street banging pots and pans yelling “Happy New Year.”

There weren’t many kids on our street so we would be the only lunatics out in the freezing cold waking up other neighbors with our celebration. It was always a lot of fun and the perfect way to bring in the new year.

Although I don’t use pots and pans anymore, it’s still a fun tradition to do with friends.

Many probably watched the ball drop in Times Square on TV. When the ball finally drops, tons and tons of confetti is released. Last December, I went to New York with my aunt. When we visited Times Square there was an area where you write a wish or resolution on a piece of confetti, that would be released after the ball drops.

I got to write down a resolution on a slip of confetti. Afterward, I could either drop it into a bin or pin it up on a board for others to read. It was interesting reading others’ resolutions and goals that they wanted to accomplish last year. Whether my resolution confetti was actually released in Times Square or not, it was still an awesome thing to do.

Just like the online meme says, my goal for 2018 is to accomplish goals of 2017, which I should’ve done in 2016 because I promised to do them in 2015 and planned in 2014.