We observe many “days.” They are usually designated to direct attention and gratitude to a person, event, activity, organization and a cause. They are “days” of remembrance and thanksgiving.

None is more important than Mother’s Day, which is Sunday. It is a significant day to remember an important person in all of our lives — the most significant in most instances. Mothers mold children, after tenderly caring for them. They move them into adulthood. A mother’s influence on her children should never be underestimated.

Mothers are blessed with an inner strength — powerful love strength. They withstand all kinds of tough challenges, and, yes, some disappointments. Their resilience is unmatched in today’s unsettling world. Their compassion is a trait that has them standing tall. Mothers make sacrifices every day. They are the organizers of the households. Their work never ends.

In today’s world, many mothers are in the work force. Some chose to be, others have no choice. Too many mothers today have no spouse around to help. They hold families together with a strength that is nothing short of remarkable. Long days are routine. They can’t afford any weaknesses.

Through all of this mothers remain kind and understanding. Many never complain. They know their role in life — their mission. They fulfill it with remarkable skills and, of course, strength, which always is there.

Mothers are special. They give so much to their children — setting examples every day. If we didn’t have caring mothers, what would society be like?

Sunday is their day. Mothers should be proud of their accomplishments. We are proud of them. One day a year to recognize them is not enough. Mother’s Day should be a 365-day observance.