My friends and I celebrated Halloween a week late this year. I decided to be creative with my costume.

The movie “Annabelle: Creation” inspired my choice to be the demon doll made to resemble a couples’ daughter named Annabelle who died from being run over by a car in the 1940s (spoiler alert).

After researching costumes online, I found a makeup tutorial. After watching it a few times, it seemed pretty easy to follow. Let me mention that I don’t experiment with makeup at all, and makeup artists always, make things look easier than it really is.

I ordered the recommended face paint, fake blood and improvised the rest of the makeup because those few items alone were expensive.

The hardest part was putting on the face paint. I started the makeup tutorial video while I tried mixing gray and white face paint like the girl does in the video. The thickness of white paint made it impossible to mix with the gray. I used my fingers at one point and that was a mistake because that stuff does not come off your hands easily. Needless to say, I also got face paint on everything I touched once it was on my fingers.

I grabbed a makeup brush and started applying white face paint. I applied a lot on at first and had to quickly spread it on my face because it dried fast.

Instead of using another prescribed face paint for the facial features, I decided to use black eyeliner. I should’ve used that before I put on the face paint because it didn’t go over well.

So I wiped away parts of the face paint on to apply eyeliner, and I then touched up with face paint.

It probably took over an hour to do my makeup and the tutorial video was 10 minutes long. Although my face looked nothing like the video, it still looked flawlessly scary.

My favorite part was putting on the fake blood because it was the easiest thing to put on my face. You just put a drop on different areas of your face and let gravity do the rest.

I spent twice as long taking off the makeup as I did putting it on, but it was worth it. Next year, I’m going to choose an easier character to replicate.