It’s always interesting to take a look back to the pages of The Missourian. We checked the files of the last issue of 1962, Dec. 27. For readers, it will bring back memories of a half century ago.

New Year’s Eve parties were regular events at such places as the VFW Hall, The American Legion Hall and the Knights of Columbus Hall. At the VFW Hall, the Nita Hagan Trio of St. Louis and Glen Holt were featured. At the Legion Hall, music was by the Berger Melodians, and at the K of C Hall, music was provided by Paul Kuenzel. Admission prices were around $2.50 and $3.

On Christmas Day, 1962, there was snow and ice and cold temperatures. The big news that day was a fire that destroyed Straatmann Feed Store on Highway 100 east.

A front page story said several school boards voiced opposition to a petition drive to establish a junior college. The Sullivan, St. Clair and New Haven boards voiced opposition. The initial petition drive was successful but the state turned down the application, giving as a reason that the proposed district did not have a high enough property assessed valuation.

Another front page story reported that there were no signs in Union at Highways 50-47 directing traffic to Washington.

“The Music Man” was playing at the Calvin Theatre. A double feature was scheduled for New Year’s Eve. The price was 85 cents.

Sales were announced in ads by Kay’s House of Gifts, Yaeger’s, Missouri Brokerage and Penney’s. Men’s winter coats at Penney’s were selling for $11.88 and $13.88. Men’s shoes could be bought for a $1.50 at Missouri Brokerage. Miller’s had 20 percent off for skippies and bras.

Pictures of two players were featured on the sports page. The players were Marty Averbeck of Borgia and Glenn Schroepfer of Washington High.

Chuck roast was selling for 55 cents a pound at Kroger. Ground beef was three pounds for $1.47 at Mauntel’s. Gross Market advertised boneless ham for 89 cents a pound. At Droege’s you could buy a case of Pepsi-Cola for $1.09. Frick’s had Old Judge coffee for 59 cents for a 1-pound can. Asel’s was selling spare ribs for 45 cents a pound.

The Pepsi-Cola Co. ran a big ad promoting its Teem soda.

Washington Savings & Loan paid out $165,894 in dividends.

Among the New Year best wishes ads were ones by E. T. Sauer Dist. Co., owned by Elmer Toben, and one by Krumsick Motor Co. Modern Auto had a couple of ads. The banks were promoting their Christmas Clubs.

The Missourian announced a subscription price increase from $3 a year to $3.50. The price for both The Missourian and Citizen was $5.

And so it was in 1962 . . .