The small town of St. Clair was pretty much “lit” for four straight days with the parade on Friday night, bluegrass festival and St. Clare Catholic Church picnic on Saturday, the car show on Sunday, and with businesses along Main Street selling food, drinks, shirts, glasses and more Monday.

Throughout the weekend and on solar eclipse Monday, I was surprised that traffic was not as terrible as it was predicted. For everyone leaving right after the eclipse, traffic was probably a nightmare, but by 5 p.m. Monday, Main Street was a ghost town.

I didn’t have to go far to visit with travelers and eclipse seekers Monday. It was funny watching people trying to take photos of the eclipse with their phones through their glasses and telescopes.

I liked seeing the half circle shadows through the trees, as well as seeing a half circle between my fingers in my shadow.

As it got closer to totality time, I noticed the drop in temperature, crickets chirping and colorful storm clouds. Once totality hit, people were cheering and hollering, which I thought was awesome. The overall joy and excitement the eclipse and totality brought to thousands of people was definitely well worth the wait and anticipation.

Viewing the solar eclipse and totality myself, I thought it was amazing. I don’t think words can really describe how breathtaking the whole thing actually was and I’m sure many would agree.

I enjoyed all of the jokes that circulated on social media throughout the day about the eclipse. My favorite was “I know Eclipse ends, Bella chooses Edward.” If you’re familiar with “The Twilight” book series by Stephanie Meyer, then you will get that reference.

I bet the town of St. Clair is tired out and ready for the weekend to come already, I know I am.