Recently, my favorite singer Kelly Clarkson released two new songs from her new album “Meaning of Life.” I have been a Kelly fan since she won “American Idol” when I was 9 years old in 2002.

Her style of music has mostly stayed the same with a mixture of slow and upbeat songs that show off her vocal range. Her songs are mostly about breakups, falling in love, and relationships.

Her 2015 album “Piece by Piece” was when I noticed a change in her style of music especially “Take You High” and “I Had Dream.” Not only are the songs pop, but a very modernized style of pop, which surprisingly works.

Clarkson has kept her music fresh and surprised her audience, or at least me, again with her newest song “Love So Soft.” Although it is still pop, I feel it has a hip-hop edge to it because she raps slowly in it. I enjoy listening to her new song a lot, but some Kelly fans, like my sister, did not like it.

Her other recently released song, “Move On,” is a typical Kelly song, but it’s still on point. I cannot wait to purchase the new album when it debuts Oct. 27.

The only album I was not a huge fan of was “My December.” That’s probably because it is mostly slow, depressing songs. I think it was also her first attempt at writing and composing songs.

She definitely made a comeback with her fourth and fifth albums.

I have seen her three times in concert. The first time was when I was in elementary school. My mom took me, my friend, my sister and her friend.

The second time was not until college when she came to my small alma mater, Drury University in 2012. My sister bought us tickets for my birthday. I remember waiting in line to stand in the pit of the arena. I should have gotten seats because my feet were hurting by intermission. I bought my first Kelly shirt, which I wear as pajamas.

The last time Kelly came to St. Louis was in 2015. My sister and I went with a huge group of friends to see her show. That was the best show out of all three I’ve been to.

The opening band was the Pentatonix, an amazing a cappella group. Later, of course, I bought their latest songs. Speaking of a cappella, I cannot wait for Pitch Perfect 3.

I enjoy how Kelly sings her originals a little differently live, as well as performing some covers. It was funny how she sang with no shoes on. You do you, Kelly. During that tour, she announced she was pregnant with her second child.

I’ll be the first to buy tickets when she comes to the area again for her next tour.