Decorating for Halloween has been an ongoing family tradition since I can remember.

Growing up, it was me and my sister’s job to decorate the front porch with spiderwebs. Our mom had one rule, we couldn’t use tape because it might chip the paint ... but we might have used a piece or two over the years.

Each year, our dad would get us packs of white spiderwebs until the company started making different colored webs. From then on it was green webs all the way.

I’m not sure the reason behind green spiderwebs; perhaps people would be more spooked if the spiders turned radioactive.

One year, we did try the brown spiderwebs. I guess the point is to make the house look old and grungy, but you couldn’t see the webs from afar.

To make our strategically placed green webs look real, we added fake spiders and leaves. For a few years, we had an interactive porch mat that would play scary noises if someone stepped on it.

I can’t forget about the infamous pumpkin man, which sat on our porch bench. His head was an orange plastic bag filled with leaves. His face resembled a jack-o’-lantern. He was accompanied by a plastic alien that I may have gotten as a prize from some carnival, if I remember correctly. My parents may have retired pumpkin man and the alien.

Last year, my dad bought a creepy, life-sized robotic butler named Edgar. He holds a tray and is tasked with passing out candy to children. He would frighten me if I was kid trick-or-treating. It scares me every time I go to my parents’ basement.

Another added feature one would see at the Barmeier residence during Halloween is a robotic spider. It hangs on the porch and moves back and forth when it senses motion. I have been told it has scared a few adults in the past.

Needless to say we also had carved pumpkins lit with candles.

To keep with tradition, I have a sparkly “Happy Halloween” sign that hangs outside my door enhanced with green spiderwebs. I also have festive window stickers. I still need a Halloween mat to go along with my door sign, as well as pumpkins.