The search is on for the perfect Halloween costume. As a kid, I never really had to worry about finding a costume every year because I would be the same character for consecutive Halloweens.

My first costume I remember, maybe I was in kindergarten, was Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz.” I guess that’s a typical kids costume, but as my neighbor and I went door to door trick or treating, we would skip down the sidewalk like we were actually off to see the wizard.

As we skipped door to door, my mom played “The Wizard of Oz” sound track on our portable cassette player. That was pretty cool at the time.

In middle school, I was a ghoul. My dad bought me a “Scream” costume and I put white powder on my face and black eye makeup. There is a hilarious picture of me and my neighbor with my mom’s friend’s newborn at the time. He was screaming and crying, probably because of our outfits.

In high school, I was variations of a witch, of course. A Halloween outfit was never complete without glow sticks. My sister and I would gear up on glow bracelets, necklaces and clip on earrings before heading out.

When my neighbor and I went trick or treating, we would tell jokes. I’m wondering if that is only a St. Louis tradition because one year when I was at my friend’s house in Springfield and kids didn’t have jokes to tell. Needless to say I was disappointed.

I hope the joke telling tradition can spread and continue on.

By the end of a Halloween night, I counted how many pieces of candy I collected and would categorize them. (Raise your hand if I’m not the only one who did that.)

The pieces of candy would be in the hundreds and the best part would be trading the candy I didn’t like for more chocolates and other goodies.