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Last week, I had the opportunity to listen to a medium lecture at St. Clair City Hall. Let me just say, it was pretty interesting.

Ginger Justus spoke to a curious crowd last Thursday about her childhood, her experiences with the dead, and her work overall.

Of course I’m skeptical about the idea, but I love watching shows like “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry.” I’m one of those “I want to believe,” fans, (quote copyrighted by “X-Files”).

Right off the bat, Justus said she was not going to do any readings, so that was a little disappointing. She added that she is not like people on TV where they go up to strangers and say “someone has come forward” and invade people’s personal space, which is something I can respect.

It was really interesting to hear her experiences with spirits and entities, not just in her job, but in her daily life. I liked how she explained the differences between spirits and ghosts, and what people experience if they live in or visit a “haunted” house.

If someone were to hear a noise at 5 a.m. and hear footsteps going down the stairs, she said it was because the person who lived there previously did that every morning for decades.

The energy they gave off while they lived in the house is still present. She mentioned that people everywhere give off a certain energy.

Justus was a good storyteller and I enjoyed learning about her insights and encounters with the paranormal.

In college, my friend and I visited a castle in Springfield and we took the ghost tour. During the tour, we went into the basement area where people have claimed to hear from spirits and see orbs.

We gathered in this dark corner of the basement and the tour guide asked if there are spirits in the room to come forward and he even encouraged us to speak.

Being the silly person I am, I made the whole room crack up by saying, “What up, ghosts?”

At the end of the tour, we listened to sound recordings from inside the castle of what could be just normal everyday sounds or sounds from beyond the grave.

The castle was pretty cool itself and I meant to go back and do the history tour. That might be a trip for another time.