I haven’t wanted to tell you guys, but my husband has had a midlife crisis — and has solved it in the form of a 1996 SVT Mustang Cobra convertible.

You see, he turned 40 recently and for reasons I’m pretty sure I’ll never understand, he had to have this vehicle. I’m not sure if the decade that starts with a 4 just gives people an itch to buy a sports car or not, but when I told my doctor about this new addition, her response was “Oh, yeah, I got a convertible when I turned 40, and 50.”

I immediately went home and told my husband that we are not car collectors. We don’t even have a garage, but I can already see the writing on the wall.

Here’s how this purchase went:

I get a text on a Friday. I’m between work, meaning, I had left The Missourian’s Washington office Friday afternoon, but I still had to work Friday night. I work in Washington on Tuesdays and Fridays.

I was making a dinner for a friend who had been in a vehicle accident and I had soup on the stove and bread in the oven and I was hurrying because I was, as always, in a time crunch.

So my husband texts to ask if I’m still in Washington, and if so, tells me I need to rush right over to see this car he wants to buy.

He’s insane. No, I tell him. I’m not in town and I’m not coming to town to see a car you want to buy. No. No. No. I tell him we can look at it the following day to get him to, you know, stop bugging me.

He did stop bugging me for long enough to drive the car and decide he absolutely must have it.

He’s been talking about getting a Mustang for years and I’ve been able to convince him that it’s not a family car so he should probably wait. But opportunities like this baby don’t come around often, apparently.

The following morning was a Saturday, and he had to work at 8 a.m., so I get up and all of the sudden, my husband is scrambling about to get our son up to “go look at the Cobra.” I said wait, you have to work?!

Yes, we were going to look at it before he had to go to work. He calls the poor couple who had it as we’re on the way, at 7:15 a.m., to most likely wake them up and tell them we’re coming.

At this point, I knew we would be getting the car.

We go check it out, make a verbal deal and my husband heads to work and leaves me to do all the real work. I had to work, too, so again I was rushing around like a mad woman.

If you’re wondering, no, we couldn’t wait until the following week because someone would obviously snatch it up before we could get everything together.

Let me tell you guys, the Bank of Washington was so, so amazing to work with. I could not have had an easier time getting a loan, even though it was a “classic” car and we had to get a personal loan instead of a vehicle loan.

In fact, during the transaction, I opened an account and began transferring everything beginning the next week. Another perk of small town living. . .

I emailed Schroepfer Bauer Insurance in Union to tell them about the addition and before 8 a.m. Monday morning my policy was updated, proof was sent to the bank and my temporary insurance cards were emailed to me.

I was so impressed that it was all so easy. All I can say is — I guess it was meant to be?

I’ve been too scared to drive the new car, but my husband has watched 300 hours of Cobra videos on YouTube and already started ordering parts and pieces to customize the car.

I have to admit that it’s slick looking, but I’ve been too scared to drive it.

So if you see a cute black Cobra with a brown convertible top and a bushy-bearded guy driving, wish my husband a happy 40th.

And if you see me, perhaps provide some comfort that there’s rehab or something for car addicts?