With the Washington Fair set to open this coming Wednesday, it’s a welcome change of interest from the primary election season, which ends Tuesday. It was great to view some of the Fair direction signs for the various events in contrast to the political signs we have had to view for the past month or so.

The theme for this year’s Fair is “Meet Me at the Fair.” And, that’s where thousands of people will meet for five days next week. There may have been much effort put into the election but it is minuscule compared to the yearlong effort that has gone into the Fair.

The Washington Fair is a professional undertaking. Fair Board members and countless other volunteers are pros in conducting the Fair. Most are veterans of the Fair. It’s a detail-driven event with all bases covered. Rated the third largest fair in Missouri, it has a solid reputation among other fair officials in other counties and cities. The two largest fairs are the State Fair at Sedalia and the Springfield event.

Of note is that some of the county fairs in Missouri have been around for a long time, but they aren’t what they once were. The Washington Fair has had continuity in excellence. Why? Because of continuous solid leadership and dedicated volunteers. Interest has never waned. In fact, it has grown.

The Washington Fair has a tremendous draw — much more than a primary election in Franklin County. The Fair draws as many people in one day than the election attracts. Yes, some will say people have their priorities mixed up.

St. Louisans always have supported the Fair. They come in large numbers every year. Families come. For city families, it’s an opportunity for children to absorb a touch of farm life. The entertainment also attracts people of all ages from the eastern section of the metro area. It is true that the Fair has something that will interest everyone who attends.

For some, they value the opportunity to see and visit with old friends. For many, it’s the only time they see each other — at the Fair.

There may be differences over political candidates and issues, but at the Fair people can forget those disagreements and enjoy each other.

The Fair parade is a great addition to the event. It has an everlasting entertainment value. It is one of the most enjoyable attributes of the Fair. It is sure to be a big draw Sunday.

One of the most remarkable things about the Washington Fair is that there hasn’t been any generation gaps in leadership and volunteers. The Fair torch has been passed from one generation to another and success has been a breeder of success.

It’s Fair “meet” time!