We have all known for some time that something has to be done about South Point Elementary School, which is in need of major repairs or replacement. School officials and board members have known for years that the school needs to be replaced. 

School officials and board members tried to solve the problem. Efforts to solve the problem never met with approval by voters in the district.

A serious alarm now has been sounded. The gym has been declared unsafe due to structural problems and it has been declared unsafe to use.

Are there other structural problems with the building is a question being asked. School officials are taking a deep look into the situation. Engineers are looking into it, along with the district’s architectural firm. The study includes soil conditions. It was built in a flood plain many years ago. Flash flooding did occur there many years ago. Second guesses are that the school probably shouldn’t have been built there. But that was a long time ago and conditions were different in those days.

he school has been operating under stressful conditions for some time. It’s at full capacity. In fact, for years it has had to use three trailer-style classrooms. That’s been a concern for some time. The plain truth is, that should be unacceptable to patrons in the district.

losing the gym creates class scheduling and other problems. It is troubling to students and teachers. It’s disruptive.

School officials must move with dispatch to remedy the problems to ensure the building is safe. If it takes a bond issue for a new building, it needs to be done. It has been put off for too long. We believe the voters can be counted on to remedy the situation. 

We need to have pride in our public school facilities, and we need to do everything we can do to ensure the safety of students. School officials did the right thing in closing the gym.

We can’t think of anything in the district that has a higher priority than South Point Elementary School.