By now most people know that President Donald Trump is a hard guy to figure out. Why does he do some of the things he does, and why does he say or text some of the things he does?

 His words that Russia should be readmitted to the Group of Seven industrialized nations (G-7) was a surprise. Russia was kicked out four years ago because of its takeover of Crimea.

And as the summit with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, drew closer, he was saying he didn’t expect much to come of it. Earlier he was of the belief something positive would come of it as he was promoting himself for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Then there are the pardons he’s been giving, with more expected to come. One of his verbal blasts was that he thinks there should be a posthumous pardon for boxer Muhammad Ali, the Vietnam War draft dodger. Ali was a three-time heavyweight champion. He was convicted of draft evasion but the U. S. Supreme Court reversed the lower court  decision. Then in 1977, President Jimmy Carter granted a blanket pardon for all draft dodgers of the Vietnam War.

As an attorney for Ali said, a pardon for Ali was unnecessary. He already had one. Ali died in 2016.

President Trump has done some good things but they are shaded by his verbal blasts. For a person who can’t stomach criticism, politics should be the last endeavor undertaken.

President Trump does draw publicity from some of his outlandish comments. Foreign countries often are caught off guard by some of his comments. We surmise that those countries never know what to expect from Trumpism. On some issues that may be good. On others, not so good.

Among the critical issues that President Trump has, he has other nations wondering  about world trade, particularly tariffs. 

We don’t think there is any question that trade sanctions have brought Kim to the table to negotiate, plus pressure from China, which doesn’t want a war because that would delay its goal of becoming World Power No. 1.

President Trump criticizes the media with his fake news charges. However, he creates fake news. He is a master of it.

There is a certain uneasiness in Americans resulting from President Trump’s  unpredictability behavior. There is no comfort zone with him!