We have admired Sen. Claire McCaskill for most of her political career. We don’t agree with her on some issues, such as abortion, and some of the  other matters that her political party champions.

One reason to  like McCaskill is because she has the guts to call it like it is with a topping of common sense. She also has been ranked as one of the most independent U.S. senators in a nonpartisan analysis by the Congressional Quarterly. She is ranked as one of the five most likely senators in either party to break ranks and vote against her caucus.

In addition to being ranked the fifth most independent senator in either party in her willingness to vote against her own caucus, Sen. McCaskill also ranks as the fifth most likely Democrat to vote in support of President Trump’s position on a given issue, taking the same position as the president 58 percent of the time.

She often points out that her job isn’t to fight the president, but to fight for Missouri. She and Republican Sen. Roy Blunt are united when it comes to Missouri issues.

In addition to being ranked as one of the most independent senators, she is a moderate. Of note is she was one of only a few Senate Democrats to vote against the government shutdown. Sen. McCaskill has supported 65 percent of President Trump’s executive and judicial nominees. The president has signed into law 19 bills that McCaskill either sponsored, cosponsored or took an active role in shaping. She has backed Republican senators who are looking into prescription drug costs and fighting sex trafficking. She is one of the Senate’s champions in working to cut wasteful spending, in Truman style.

Veterans like her because she has fought for them on one issue after another.

She has earned the respect of her fellow senators, who listen when she speaks. Yes, she can be as stubborn as a Missouri mule in her beliefs, and while the mule has faded somewhat, Sen. McCaskill hasn’t when it comes to common sense and fighting for Missourians.