Another Memorial Day is here. Aside from recognizing all of the American men and women who died while serving in the military, one thought that emerges quickly is that we owe a salute to members of veterans’ organizations for Memorial Day programs.

To some people it also is remembered as Decoration Day. It is a federal holiday.

To many people, the day also marks the beginning of the summer vacation season.

It’s a day when Scouts and other volunteers place an American flag on the graves of veterans in cemeteries. Of course, family members of departed veterans also visit cemeteries on Memorial Day.

Decorating the gravesites of military veterans began before and during the Civil War. The day officially became Memorial Day in 1967.

Veterans Day celebrates the service of all military veterans.

Military cemeteries in the United States and overseas are special places to visit on Memorial Day. Usually, they are the best maintained cemeteries. We have visited military cemeteries in this country and in France at Normandy and outside Tunis in Tunisia. They are immaculate in maintenance and overall appearance. 

We will never forget seeing a 364-foot-long wall, much like the Vietnam War Wall in Washington, D.C., at the military cemetery in Tunisia that contains the names of military personnel who were listed as “missing in action” during World War II in the Mediterranean theatre of operations. The number of names on that Wall was a shocker. There are 3,724 names on the Wall. The official name of the cemetery is the North Africa American Military Cemetery and Memorial.

The Tunis military cemetery site contains 27 acres on a plateau lying between the Mediterranean Sea and the Bay of Tunis.

There is no more appropriate day than Memorial Day to say “Thanks for Your Service.”