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I am slowly, but surely crossing off local restaurants on my list to try. Recently, my family and I ate at Big Boy’s Pub & Subs in Union.

The menu had so many different sandwich options and appetizers that it took my mom and me longer than usual to decide what to get. On the other hand, my dad was quick to order a shrimp poor boy sandwich with a cup of chicken and dumpling soup, and normally he takes the longest to decide.

We agreed on chicken wings with three different dipping sauces and my mom and I each got a french dip sandwich with homemade chips.

The look on my dad’s face was hilarious when the waitress brought out his “cup” of chicken and dumpling soup because the portion was so large. I think a life jacket should have come with it.

The sandwiches are pretty large, as well, enough for two meals. My mom and I got chips galore for our side orders. Needless to say we had plenty of leftovers.

The chicken wings were delicious. The dipping sauces we had were barbecue, buffalo ranch and atomic or hot sauce. My favorite was the buffalo ranch. Next time, I want to try the classic Greek gyro sandwich and the mac and cheese bites.

Have a favorite restaurant you want me to try? Shoot me an email and I’ll add it to my list.