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I hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day weekend. It is crazy that summer is almost over and fall is just around the corner. Where did the time go?

Although it will be nice shopping for fall clothes and seeing the leaves change colors, I am not ready for cold weather. I am still trying to get a nice summer tan going.


I spent my weekend celebrating a couple of family birthdays. My cousin’s son just turned 2. Tristan is the cutest 2-year-old. He looks exactly like my cousin (his father).

I used to be the baby in the family up until he was born and now the spotlight shines on him and my other cousin’s newborn. I gladly pass on the crown of being the baby in the family.

On Sunday, my family and friends celebrated my dad’s 65th birthday at a New Orleans style restaurant. The party was equipped with hats, a balloon and birthday glasses.

I had a Cajun burger and tried a bite of what is similar to jambalaya. It was delicious. To top it all off, we stuffed ourselves with spoonfuls of bread pudding for dessert. When we sang happy birthday, almost the entire restaurant joined in. It was a fun evening.

Labor Day Tradition

Growing up, it was a tradition every Labor Day to go to my aunt and uncle’s church that they belong to for its annual chicken dinner and fair in Columbia, Ill.

The line for food would be out the door, so my family would make sure to get there early for a spot in line.

When we would finally make our way into the cafeteria for the chicken dinner, there are countless desserts to choose from. The most popular ones are slices of pie, but I usually liked chocolate cake or brownies.

My favorite game at the church fair was shooting basketball hoops. The prize was medium and large bottles of soda, depending how many shots you made. I would usually pick out Royal Crown Cola. I don’t think I have seen that brand anywhere else besides in Columbia. It’s pretty good nonetheless.

As I got older, my favorite thing to do during the fair was buying pull tabs. Sometimes I would win a dollar or two, which was exciting.