Whatever happens, Hillary Clinton will go down in America’s political history as unique, loved, hated, overflowing with ambition, resilient, uncontrolled aggressiveness, a tendency to move away from the truth, toughness, hot tempered, knowledgeable, greedy, great campaigner, often unforgiving, cunning, politically smart, high priority to protecting her image, keen planner and so on and on with a treasury of adjectives to label her. Can one person possess all of these characteristics? Somehow Hillary has managed to do so.

Will she run for the Democratic nomination for president? We have a strong feeling she will. She is doing everything a would-be candidate does. Her book, “Hard Choices,” and signing tour are the latest indications she is a candidate. We don’t know at which age she made a “go for it” decision to be the first woman president, but that goal has driven her for a lifetime it seems.

We used to say women will vote for her. We have been corrected by women so many times when saying that we’ve lost count. The correction has come, we suspect, from both those females who will vote for her and from those of the same gender who loathe her. The statement can be irritating to some female voters who believe it makes a mockery out of females who just vote because it is a women (payback time) and not based on positions on issues (of which we have enough of today that are dictionary size).

We no longer say women will vote for her just because of gender. We will say some people believe that, however!

Please note Pat Buchanan’s commentary on this page. He takes the Clintons to task for “milking” the presidency to an extent that no others have ever done. He also notes the Clintons are “wired” to Hollywood, Wall Street and Washington elites, all of which will be milked by the Republicans in the campaign. Buchanan calls Hillary the “queen of the establishment,” who banks six-figure fees for half-hour lectures.

There are other indications of what will be turned into campaign attacks. One is the subject of the Clintons’ wealth. Hillary says they were broke and in debt when they left the White House. There were those legal fees from the Clinton messes — that was the big debt. No doubt about that. Time magazines said the Clintons now are worth more than $100 million. We assume that’s after paying the legal bills. Yes, that’s milking the presidency! Not at all Truman-like.

In a review of “Hard Choices,” Time’s Michael Crowley writes that the book is not a literary event but a political one. Is that a surprise since other candidates have left us with literary political events? Republicans already have put out their book in answer called “Failed Choices.”

Time’s Crowley said “Hard Choices” is a sanitized book, whose 635 pages read as though they were scrubbed by several dozen loyal aides and lawyers to prevent any admissions.

Columnist Maureen Dowd took a swing at “Hard Choices.” She wrote: “There isn’t one surprising or scintillating or provocative word in the whole book. ‘Hard Choices’ is inert, a big yawn.”

The “queen of the establishment” tag is going to be impossible for Hillary to toss. That poses a problem for her since there seems to be a growing anti-establishment sentiment among voters. By the way, that feeling always is present to a degree. It’s a matter of the extent of that feeling.

Never underestimate the Clintons. The political paths are littered with people who underestimated the Clintons. There is such a thing as Clinton fatigue. That may be the undoing of the Clintons. When you get one, you get the other, too!