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Would You Rather Part II

In the Wednesday, April 11, edition of The Missourian, I wrote a Would You Rather column.

I found some more interesting questions and here is part two of Would You Rather. It’s better if the game is played with two or more people.

Q: Would you rather always have messy hair or always have stains on your clothes?

A: I would choose stains on my clothes because that can be easier to hide than messy hair.

Q: Would you rather be a clumsy ninja or a wizard with amnesia?

A: This is a tricky question. If I was a wizard with amnesia I would need sticky notes around me all the time reminding me of things. Then again, I could cast a spell to reverse my memory.

If I was a clumsy ninja, there would be a lot of self inflicted accidents and broken furniture. After some careful thought, I will choose a wizard with amnesia.

Q: Would you rather have Gandalf as your Grandpa or have Dumbledore as your Grandpa?

A: This is easy. I’m a “Harry Potter” fan, so of course Dumbledore. I’m not big into “The Lord of the Rings.”

I could get very mysterious advice like “It’s the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness. Nothing More.”

Q: Would you rather take photos with your eyes or use your ear as a radio?

A: Radio ears could be cool because I could access music constantly and listen in to radio frequencies wherever. I imagine there would be some sort of on and off switch, however, after a while, it would be annoying.

Being able to take photos at the blink of an eye is even better. There needs to be a way for the photos to be transported to a computer. Needless to say I would rather take photos with my eyes.

Q: Would you rather be able to “copy and paste” in real life or “undo” in real life?

A: This is a no brainer. I would rather be able to “undo” in real life.

Q: Would you rather have syrup with every dinner or ketchup with every breakfast?

A: I think I would have syrup with every dinner because syrup is sweet and sugary. Ketchup has distinct taste. I do not want ketchup on my cereal or pancakes. No thanks.

Q: Would you rather get a free appetizer with every meal or get a free dessert with every meal?

A: I have a huge sweet tooth, but I do love appetizers. I would have to say appetizers because most restaurants have so-so desserts.

I would rather go to a bakery or ice cream place where I know the desserts will be good. I haven’t gone wrong with appetizers at restaurants. Give me all the cheese fries, hot wings, potato skins, mozzarella sticks and other hors d’oeuvres.

Q: Would you rather surf in shark-infested waters or jump free fall with a parachute into the Grand Canyon?

A: I would definitely parachute into the Grand Canyon because there’s a more likely chance of survival. I haven’t ever gone surfing and a shark would eat me within seconds.