Quote of the week: “Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.” – Tyrion Lannister


Before I enjoyed some wings at Union’s Wingfest Friday, I participated in a 0.1K run.

Normally, I hate running, but since it was only a block and for a good cause, I set my running prejudices aside. To my surprise, I could run a whole block.

It was probably the stretching beforehand that helped me reach the finish line. This event would be cool to have in St. Clair – a small run for a good cause before gorging on delicious food.

This could take place at Freedom Fest or during another food truck event sometime. It’s short enough for people who hate running, like me, to participate and it would interest those who do like running.

The proceeds from the race could go toward one of the many organizations in town, and it will boost people’s metabolism as a plus.

I definitely was not first at the finish line, but I was not the last one. In college, my roommate and I participated in an amazing race event.

Not thinking, I agreed and I totally regretted it. We wore pink shirts that said “The Amazing Race.” We had to run from building to building on campus figuring out puzzles.

I also don’t remember the point of the race. Maybe there was a prize at the end for first, second and third places. I was not conditioned to run as fast as my roommate.

We probably finished last because of me, but I don’t think my roommate cared. She learned quickly not to ask me to do any running activities again.

Now, I think she runs marathons and beats her own records, which is great. Running long distances is not for me. I’d rather dance for five minutes or do Zumba than run a mile.

Doing Zumba is probably more work than running a mile, but Zumba is more fun and I don’t think of it as a workout.

When I just plain run, I think about the distance, my breathing and how much running is pain. With Zumba, I’m focused on the choreography and the music.

Another time in college, there was an Easter egg hunt. Participants didn’t have to run, thankfully, but you wanted to be fast because there were vouchers for some epic prizes.

Not to brag, but I found a voucher for an iPad. I screamed so loud in excitement that I scared my friends I was with at the time.

That iPad lasted me all through college. I mostly use it to play games and store music on. It’s 6 years old, but it’s going strong.

To get me to run a block, there has to be food involved or a chance to win a prize. That’s the moral of this week’s column.

I was glad to have worked out a little before consuming a lot of food at the wingfest. The variety of wings were delicious. After I ate until I couldn’t, I was ready for a nap.

By then, it was my bedtime because I go to bed super early since becoming an adult. Happy Wednesday!