Quote of the week: “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein


I lost my family’s Christmas tree game. My final score was three. I saw three cars with trees on their roofs.

Why did I only see so few trees? Are people buying more fake trees?

I did some research and according to a tree locator on realchristmastrees.org, there are two places in Franklin County that sells trees: Heritage Valley Tree Farm in Washington and Dream Trees Farm in Gerald.

Was the lack of tree stands in the county contributing to my losing streak in my family’s annual game? That’s probably very true. Why is there a lack of places to buy real Christmas trees?

According to USA Today, there is a tree shortage and with a shortage comes increased prices on firs, spruces and pines. This happened due to the 2008 recession and growers planted fewer trees.

In addition, natural disasters contributed to the decrease and the number of Christmas tree farmers have been on the decline for years, according to USA Today.

Paying around $70 yearly for a tree that can be socially acceptable displayed for a few weeks can add up instead of paying a one-time fee for a fake tree.

Oh well, there’s always next year to win the game.

Popular Gifts

Still need to get someone a gift because they gave you one and you were caught off guard? Here is a list of gifts you can get:

A scratch-off world map – Scratch off places you’ve been. In my case, it wouldn’t be too many places.

A cozy big blanket – One can never go wrong with a gigantic, comfortable cozy blanket and one can never have too many.

Massager – They are the best when you have a knot.

Backup charging pack – This is useful for when you’re out and there’s no outlet to plug your phone in and your phone is at 1 percent.

PopSockets – These are so great because I’ve dropped my phone less since having one. I have actually been able to catch my phone mid-drop thanks to a PopSocket. They also come in countless colors and patterns.

Cold brew iced coffeemaker – There’s nothing better than receiving the gift of coffee.

Waterproof speaker – No one should be without good music.

Happy after Christmas shopping!