Quote of the week: “Courage is knowing what not to fear.” – Plato


I don’t think I will ever learn my lesson to reapply sunscreen while being outside in the summer. Over the weekend, I went to Branson and stayed in a condo off Table Rock Lake.

My friend from college held a bachelorette party. The weekend was a blast. On Saturday we went out on a boat. The weather wasn’t too hot out on the water. It was breezy and there was some shade throughout the day.

The boat ride was fun, however afterward, my face, arms and scalp were bright red. I looked like a lobster. This is the second time this summer that I got burnt.

A few weeks ago, my legs were burnt on a float trip. I could easily cover it up by wearing pants, but the second time around, my burn is more noticeable and I can’t cover it all.

Makeup is not doing the trick to cover the burn on my forehead.

I also have to remember to not touch the top of my head because that is a really sensitive area. It has not been fun brushing my hair. Thankfully, there’s aloe to help with the recovery process.

I’m hoping my burns turn into a nice tan.

This burn is nothing compared to when I was a camp counselor in college. For three summers in a row, I was outside five days a week for eight hours a day. During the first week of camp, I would easily burn, but burns quickly turned into a tan. By the end of summer, it looked like I had gone on a tropical vacation, but in reality I was in charge of organizing games and activities for children.

During camp, one of my favorite activities I helped set up was a giant slip n’ slide. Another counselor and I laid out the largest tarp we could find and placed it on a hill.

We then put a hose with running water down the tarp and poured on soap. The children had a fun time. The other counselor and I also had a good time sliding down the tarp.

If you see me around town, take a lesson from my burnt face and reapply sunscreen while out enjoying the summer weather. Also, don’t forget bug spray because I have had countless mosquito bites this past month.