Quote of the week: “Everyone is the sum total of past experiences. A character doesn’t just spring to life at age 30.” – Kelley Armstrong


On Saturday, I took photos at the Messy Play Day event at Holy Trinity Christian Life Center. Messy sure describes the activities that went on at the event. Children could smash cereal with hammers, play with shaving cream, paint, play in paper confetti and more.

For those who don’t mind getting their clothes dirty or hair messed up, it was the place for them. What was fun to watch, and not participate in, was the egg roulette game. Children stood on a tarp and picked eggs that were either raw or boiled.

On the count of three, they had to smash it on their heads. If they got a raw egg, they stayed in the game and if they got a boiled egg, they were eliminated. Just watching them smash eggs on their head, not only made me cringe, but it made me think of Ellen DeGeneres’ “Game of Games.”

It is a TV game show where contestants play for a chance to win $100,000. The games involve contestants getting solids or liquids splashed in their faces if they don’t answer questions correctly. There’s one game where two couples play against each other. Two of the contestants are hanging from the ceiling with blindfolds on while their partners are standing safely on the ground.

The people on the ground bet to see if their partners can name so many items within a certain category. If they can’t, then they are released into some kind of food whether it be spaghetti, guacamole or others.

I think the worst part is that the contestants in the air are blindfolded and have to wait for Ellen to push the button to release them if they can’t name everything in a category.

Another messy game on the show involves monster eggs. Two contestants battle against each other and if they are able to answer a question correctly, they get to unlock a monster egg. A contestant must find the egg that will release confetti to signify moving on to the next round.

If they don’t find the confetti egg, then some type of liquid is released into their faces. Luckily they wear safety glasses so none of it goes in their eyes, but you see that the liquid goes into their mouths and I cringe every time.

My favorite game played on the show is called “Know or Go.” This is the second to last round of the show that eliminates contestants down to one person who then gets to play for a chance to win money.

Contestants are standing high on a platform above the studio audience. Underneath where they stand is a moveable floor that connects to a tunnel, which can be released any point in the game if they get an answer wrong.

Ellen asks each person a popular culture question and if they don’t know it, they go falling down back to ground level. Contestants beg Ellen not to push the button after they get a question wrong.

They scream and holler and I would too because it looks really scary to drop that far down. After a contestant wins that round, they move on to the final round called “Name Game.”

They pick from a category such as A-list actors, well-known singers or a silly category that nobody will pick. The contestant sits on a chair that rises into the air. Ellen sure likes lifting people high in the sky.

If the contestant picks A-list actors, a picture appears before them to name the actor. They have three seconds to name the actor before moving on the next actor. They have a certain amount of time to name all 10 to win $100,000. If they don’t, they still win money for the ones they get correctly.

The show is highly addictive and I recommend watching it on NBC.