Quote of the week: “Your success and happiness lie in you. Resolve to keep happy and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.” – Helen Keller


Once a year I go ice skating with my friend and her family. We went skating at an outdoor rink in Clayton. I like skating outside better than indoor ice skating although it’s colder.

Ice skating is not like a riding a bike, at least for me. I feel like it takes me a while to get the hang of it each time I go. That’s probably because I go so infrequently.

Children and others who were skating around us made it look easy while I was clinging to the wall for dear life. Once I built up my confidence again, its was somewhat of a breeze, but I’m not very graceful when it comes to gliding on ice.

Linking arms while skating is fun, but scary at the same time because if one person loses their balance, it throws everyone off.

I linked arms with my friend and her sister-in-law and we were doing pretty well. We made it about halfway around the rink until two of us fell down. My friend’s dad thought it would be funny to skate in between us from behind and it caught us off guard.

My friend’s sister-in-law fell the hardest on the ice, but she was fine. I slowly fell to my bottom. I had no idea, at the time, how we lost our balance because I didn’t see my friend’s dad trying to come between us.

It was hilarious though, I wish we had it on video. My friend’s dad took photos and video of us. I certainly got my workout in for the rest of the year.

After a while my shins were hurting and feet were aching.

There’s nothing like ending a good evening than with a delicious grilled cheese sandwich from The Fountain on Locust. It hits the spot every time. It’s worth the trip just for that and their ice cream. Their brownie in a cup is mouth watering.

2018 Trends

There were some pretty interesting trends in 2018. Some trends I didn’t even know existed. Below are some of the many things people did last year according to Buzzfeed. How many trends in 2018 did you participate in?

• Bought fashionable sporty leggings.

• Got baby bangs.

• Made a TikTok video.

• Wore a fashionable fanny pack.

• Made a #InMyFeelings challenge video.

• Bought and wore chunky sneakers.

• Wore color-color-changing lipstick.

• Bought Vans sneakers.

• Attended an over the top gender reveal party.

• Wore tiny glasses.

• Bought holographic clothing/accessories

• Pranked your child into feeling “invisible.”

• Made a “Thank u, Next” meme.

How well did you did do? Below is my scoring guide.

If you answered yes between 0-1: Individualist – You stayed true to yourself and didn’t let pop culture stand in your way.

If you answered yes between 1-5: Novice: You dabbled in some trends, but you didn’t go crazy.

If you answered yes between 6-13: Follower – You had a busy year keeping up with every single latest trend whether it was fashion or social media related. There was no time left over to do anything else, so please take the time to relax until 2019 trends kick off.

Happy New Year!