Quote of the week: “You can’t make everyone happy. You’re not a taco.”

A person who has any job that is a high-profile one or is in the public’s eye, it is expected that they will get criticized more than someone who is not in the spotlight.

Whether you’re a world leader or simply a reporter in a small town, it is common that people give feedback.

Social media platforms have gone from “Check out who I’m dating now” and “Look at this cute cat video” to “Let’s complain about everything” and “Let’s create passive-aggressive messages about others behind their backs.”

Back in my day, Facebook was for college students and those who were invited to join, to share happy photos, status updates and information.

Since everyone has been able to join in 2006, Facebook, among other social media platforms, quickly went to bashing, the sharing of inaccurate information, among other things. This epidemic is not just countrywide, but globally.

Yes, this epidemic is in Small Town, USA. How do I know? Well, I’ve witnessed it single-handedly.

About six months ago, there were Facebook posts about how some people did not know who I was and I was being compared to my predecessor.

Is it fair to compare peaches to oranges? I don’t think so. At the time, I made myself available to the public. I put my business contact information out there. So, I just let the situation go because some people came to my defense and I’m not about to jump down rabbit holes.

Those who gripe on social media only want others to comment who have the same opinion. They don’t want to listen to anyone else who has an opposing viewpoint. It is a waste of time debating with someone on the internet.

Recently, flack has resurfaced on Facebook. I just want everyone to know that I work hard at my job each and every day. It’s not easy covering a town of almost 5,000 people.

It is so easy for people to criticize and bash others on social media whom they haven’t even met. In first grade, everyday after the reciting Pledge of Allegiance, we would recite the motto: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Since then, I’ve tried to live by that motto because it is extremely accurate. If I was unsatisfied with a service, organization or business, I would never log onto social media and go on a hate speech rampage.

I am an adult, so I would do the adult thing. What is the adult thing?

The adult thing to do is to contact customer service, an organization representative or contact the person directly to nicely explain the dissatisfaction.

It does not help the problem to publicly bash a person, business or organization. It only adds to the problem. I’m all about free speech, so if bashing is your thing, then bash away. If you want a problem to be solved, I suggest doing the adult thing.

Like my cat always says “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

If anyone has a comment, question or concern, please do not hesitate to call the St. Clair office. The officer number is 636-629-1027.