Quote of the week: “January is a trial month. The new year will officially start in February.”

On social media, I recently have been seeing posts of selfies alongside a portrait of a person that they kind of resemble. I wanted to know what portrait I sort of resemble.

I downloaded the Google Arts & Culture application on my phone. When I uploaded a selfie, the program generated who I look like most. With a 69 percent match, I look like an Italian portrait of a peasant woman painted by Giacomo Ceruti known as “Pitocchetto.”

Ceruti was an Italian Baroque painter who lived in the 1700s. His nickname Pitocchetto means “the little beggar” because of his many paintings of peasants dressed in rags. Great!

I suppose Google’s algorithm is not entirely off because my grandpa was 100 percent Italian.

I uploaded my photo a couple of times and got different matches. I’m guessing the way you take a selfie is a big reflection on the application’s selections.

The app is more than just the selfie aspect. It has tons of articles and information on an array of art and culture history past and present. So if that’s your interest, I would check it out.


My seasonal affective disorder disappeared this weekend when temperatures rose to 60. I’m glad it rained during the nights and was partly sunny during the days.

The howling winds on Monday, however, I can live without. There was no reason for me to do my hair because once I stepped outside, the wind made its own creation.

Some notes for Mother Nature would be to keep the temperature warm and to dial it down on the winds.