Quote of the week: “January is the Monday of months.”

I’m a week behind, but I wanted to mention the Return to Hogwarts event at the library Jan. 6. I took some pretty cool photos of the decorations and kids dressed in costumes.

Walking into the library truly felt like I was stepping back into a world described by J.K. Rowling – the series author.

I enjoyed the hanging candles from the ceiling and flying keys, as well as the spells and other characters displayed on the walls. The “Prisoner of Azkaban” photo booth was a nice touch, it addition to the 9 3/4 train station platform.

The sorting hat application placed in me the Slytherin House of Hogwarts. According to Slytherin, I can speak to snakes and I possess traits such as ambition, resourcefulness, cunning, determination, self-preservation and cleverness.

I’m one of those who have only seen the movies and have not read the books. I know, I know, “the books are way better and have more details.” I have been told this several times. I have decided to set a personal goal to start reading the Harry Potter series. Although I know what happens, I’m sure I’ll find some surprises along the way.

I can’t promise when I’ll start and/or finish the series, but hopefully I’ll start this summer.

Cold Weather

I want spring and summer weather again. I am tired of zero and below temperatures. The season pattern should go fall, spring and summer. No winter!

It takes longer getting ready in the morning, from not wanting to get out of my warm, comfy bed to putting several layers of clothing. And not to mention dusting off snow and defrosting my car in the morning.

The best purchase I made was in the fall at one of my favorite stores, Kohl’s. The store had fleece lined leggings on sale. They have been a lifesaver when I have to stand outside dusting snow off my car and traveling outside. Ladies, I strongly suggest getting a pair.

This weekend, we may defrost ourselves as temperatures are supposed to be in mid-40s and low 50s. I hope it lasts. In case it doesn’t, I may have to move to Narnia where it is summer year-round. Who else is with me?