Quote of the week: “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai

Happy Teachers Week to the tirelessly, hardworking teachers, administration and staff at schools around the country – especially my mom and my sister!


It was announced in October that the Boy Scouts of America organization would let girls join. Younger girls can join Cub Scouts and older girls are eligible earn high rankings including the Eagle Scout honor, according to a CNN article.

The controversial conversation continued when reports were made that the 107-year-old organization decided to expand its program and change its name to Scouts BSA last week.

Through Scouts BSA, boys and girls ages 10 to 17 will participate in the same activities. The Cub Scouts program and name will remain the same, according to People.

It was noted in the CNN article that the purpose of the Scouts BSA expansion is help busy families combine programs for their children.

There has been a lot of online push-back from parents involved in the organization and past members. There is an online video where a former Boy Scout was saying that boys can’t be boys around girls.

Is the Boy Scout organization really a boys club if women can be Boy Scout leaders? The other side to the debate is if girls want to participate in activities the boys do, then why not just have the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. change its program?

Well, one organization can’t tell another organization what to do. Perhaps the Girls Scouts do have similar activities for their members, but for some girls, it’s not enough.

Or maybe some girls would rather achieve the Eagle Scout honor than the Gold Award. Personally, becoming an Eagle Scout sounds a whole lot better than earning another award for all the hard work and time that is put in.

There is a photo on social media that shows a girl wearing her Girl Scout sash over her large stomach that reads “Boy Scouts 2018: I loved the camping trip.” The photo implies that the girl got pregnant while on a camping trip.

There are such things like separate cabins. There are countless sleep-away camps countrywide, where again, probably have separate cabins or room arrangements.

First of all, boys and girls are allowed to go to school together, have gym class together, let alone attend sixth-grade camp together. So how is this any different?

Secondly, the threat of a teenager doing something they shouldn’t be doing is everywhere.

Not everyone has the same ideals as Mrs. Kim from “Gilmore Girls.”

Mrs. Kim hands her daughter Lane a handful of college applications.

Lane: “I haven’t heard of one of these schools.”

Mrs. Kim: “I’ve already thrown out the ones that let boys and girls sit in the cafeteria together – you know, the party schools.”

Additionally, in 2015, the Boy Scouts ended its ban on gay Scout Leaders, according to People. The third side to the debate, in my opinion, is that the name change and program expansion is so that no child will be discriminated against if are transgender and/or identify with the opposite gender.

I applaud the Boy Scouts for entering into the 21st century and changing with the times. Things were 1000 percent different 100 years ago. The Girl Scouts are stuck in the 20th century as boys can’t attend their programs, according to People.

The article continues to say that the Girl Scouts “previously encouraged the Boy Scouts of America not to recruit girls” because their programs were meant for girls only. My response to that is “Boo!”

The Emancipation Proclamation was passed in 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln. All forms of racial segregation were eliminated by 1968.

The Boy Scouts are taking a step in the right direction on the war on gender since the whole school bathroom issue was revoked thanks to the Trump administration.

It’s 2018, things are going to change and not everyone is going to like it.