Quote of the week: “Be mindful even if your mind is full.”

I recently went to Austin for a mini vacation. It’s quite a large and busy city. There are lots of local artisan shops, locally owned restaurants and pretty overlooks.


There’s a burger place called Hopdoddy where I ordered an “El Diablo” burger. You know you’re in trouble when the waiter says “Good luck” while delivering the food.

After one bite my mouth was on fire. It was delicious, but I needed a whole fire truck’s worth of water to put out the flames in my mouth. There was peppers and some type of sauce on the bun. Finally, I had to eat the burger without anything on it.

If you like extremely hot and spicy food, I recommend trying it. There are so many taco places as well. I went to a place called Torchy’s Tacos. There were a variety of tacos to choose from on the menu.

I had a chicken fajita taco and a brushfire taco. They both were tasty. The brushfire one was spicy, but not too spicy. The salsa had lots of flavor and I couldn’t stop eating the salsa with chips.

P.Terry’s Burger Stand is a local fast food place. I had a cheese burger with some type of sauce, fries and an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.

The burgers are all-natural black Angus, hormone free, antibiotic free, vegetarian fed beef. I highly recommend going there if you are in the Austin area. I thought about going to WhatABurger, but it seemed over rated.

The best doughnuts in Austin are at a place called Vodoo Doughnuts. I got at least five yummy treats. They have other locations in other states, but I would love for a location to open in Missouri. My favorite one was the maple long john and the pink icing one with sprinkles called the Homer Simpson.


The sunsets overlooking Lake Travis were gorgeous. I went to a few spots that overlook the lake and the city. A bar/restaurant area with the best view was Oasis. If you go right at sunset, it makes for the best photos.

Compared to Missouri, the weather in Texas was not any hotter. It was less humid, which was nice.

It is more of a dry heat in Texas. The dry heat made hikes and long walks easier since there was little to no humidity.

I also recommend going to Barton Springs. There are cool trails, areas for dogs and a spring pool. The trails are pretty rocky, but make for good exercise. It was not too crowded, which was great.


One downfall to traveling in a large city like Austin is the traffic. It does not matter the time of day, there will be tons of traffic. If I lived in Austin, I would ride the transit bus because I would not want to drive due to traffic and other crazy drivers.

Throughout the city, there are interesting architecture, artwork and shops. The popular spots are along Fifth and Sixth streets, which have restaurants, bars and shops located there.

Everywhere place I visit, I purchase at least 10 postcards, a shot glass and a T-shirt. I probably spent 20 minutes picking out postcards and another 20 minutes picking out a T-shirt. There were so many options, and I needed to compare and contrast all choices.