Quote of the week: “Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.” – Julie Andrews


The Emissourian Twitter account sent out a message Friday, May 25, asking people to tweet back using the hashtag #myowninvention about what invention they would create if they had time and money.

My invention would be to create a way for Snapchat hair and makeup filters to transfer onto people. That way, my hair and makeup would be done in seconds.

Another invention I would create would be a TV remote where you can press a button and buy whatever it is you see on TV. For example, if a character in a show is wearing an outfit you want, you can just press “Buy Now” on the remote.

Or if you’re hungry and want the pasta you see on a food network channel, press “Buy Now” and it will be delivered to you within minutes.

Below are some of my favorite inventions that were tweeted.

@ethanbusse: “I would invent a rubber chicken detector, so that I would never be caught off guard by a rouge rubber chicken again.”

@_JoeB: “I’ve always wondered why more things, like cars, can’t be powered by salt water. We’ve got oceans of the stuff and it’s useless. So more salt water-powered things.”

@Shelby123: “I hate taking out the garbage. It’s 2018 and I shouldn’t have to do something that my parents did back in the day. I propose a trash can that evaporates trash.”

@Steph432: “This is easy. A self cleaning litter box that is not expensive. It should be environmentally friendly and built with recycled materials.”

@CarrieMontogo: “A magical refrigerator. When you open the fridge 10 times hoping food will appear, food will actually appear. That’s what I would build.”

@Catz: “I would build a vacuum cleaner that converts dirt into renewable energy. Or a vacuum that spits out items that accidentally got in there.”

Inventions That Exist

Here are inventions that are quirky, but actually exist:

  • Stroller with scooter
  • Flask tie
  • A ping pong door
  • Knitted beard hat
  • Foot-powered bike
  • Fully body umbrellas
  • Slippers with lights

Below are inventions that I wish I thought of and can be purchased online:

  • A Bluetooth tracker for items such as keys
  • Heated slippers
  • Magnetic false eyelashes
  • A fuzz remover for all fabrics
  • A ring that holds a bottle of nail polish while you paint nails
  • A shampoo brush
  • An erasable notebook
  • Reusable ice cubes that do not dilute drinks