Quote of the week: “I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” – G.K. Chesterton


Saturday night was pretty decent weather for the Lighted Christmas Parade and Main Street Christmas event. The wind was sure blowing that night, but luckily it did not rain or snow.

It was cold enough for a coat, but I’m glad gloves were not needed. It’s the worst taking photos with chunky gloves on.

For some reason, the cold makes my nose run and fortunately, my nose stayed dry, at least for the length of the parade.

It was awesome to see so many people come together for the parade. I had trouble finding a parking space.

Dozens of people lined the sidewalks and waited patiently for the parade and children had their bags ready for candy.

There were a lot of participants in the parade, which was great. I took so many photos.

After the parade, was the Main Street Christmas event. I stopped by the Elsa and Anna selfie station. The children were so excited to take pictures with their celebrity idols. I would be too, especially if it were the actresses who portrayed Elsa and Anna — Idina Menzel and Kristine Bell.

There was a huge line to see Santa. I’m sure the lined formed very quickly after the parade.

The Santa house was pretty cool. Inside you could get a photo with Santa and then write him a letter. The house is decorated with lights, fake snow and decorations.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and having a good time. I bet this will become an annual event.

My family’s Christmas tree game has officially begun. The goal is see as many cars with trees strapped on top.

There’s a new rule this year. We have to take pictures of the cars we see and send it in a group chat to track the points. So far, I have one point.

There’s not a prize at the end or anything, just the title of winner. My sister is really good at spotting them.

It’s really fun to play with people when you’re all in the same car. Perhaps the person driving could make additional rules to make the game more challenging.