Boys do dumb things. Young adult males do dumb things. Older gents also are guilty of doing dumb things. Members of the female gender do dumb things also. The males, however, hold a commanding lead in doing dumb things.

It is a given that females mature quicker than males. Their thinking about life things is way ahead of the boys. But the males do catch up. Then together the males and females still can do dumb things.

Why this focus on dumb things? All you have to do is try to keep up with the news and the dumb things that are done by members of the human race pop out at you — daily!

When we heard Saturday morning that Mizzou super football star Dorial Green-Beckham was arrested with other immature buddies of his in Springfield on suspicion of having and maybe dealing in marijuana, our first thought was, what a dummy the guy is! He may be maturing on the football field as a future NFL player, but on the streets he’s still an immature kid. When will he grow up? It’s the second time he’s been involved in a police stop and marijuana has been an issue. With quite a future ahead of him, undoubtedly a millionaire some day, why would he do such a stupid thing as being involved in a possible drug violation? The answer is because the sophomore is immature. He hasn’t grown up! He needs a baby sitter to keep him out of trouble!

When we read about Alex Rodriguez, the talented baseball player with the Yankees who has been suspended for the entire 2014 season as the result of a drug investigation by Major League Baseball. The suspension will cost him about $25 million. How dumb can he be? He’s at the head of the dummies’ table.

The dumb actions by many athletes extends to other fields, too. Dumb things are done in business all the time. It also happens in many other fields.

One thing that made males in their late teens and early 20s mature quickly was serving in the military. That’s a tough way to grow up in a hurry, but it happens in every war. We remember the World War II era when high school graduates were drafted a couple of weeks after getting a diploma. In three or four months, they were in combat. In the Korean War the young men, draftees, were slightly older, not much, but like other wars, Vietnam for example, the young do the fighting. That’s true today to an extent in Afghanistan but the volunteer military has many somewhat older fighting men.

When the young are given responsibilities that include life and death situations, they grow and mature in a hurry. A young officer is given tremendous responsibilities. Maturity comes rapidly.

In politics, and government, dumb things are done to the point that they appear to be the norm rather than the exception. To be fair, they are not the norm but there are many dumb incidents. Right now, it’s the Bridgegate scandal in New Jersey. To communicate what was done by email was really dumb in a very stupid action, to tie-up traffic as payback to a mayor who didn’t support your politician, may qualify as the “mother” of all dumb political acts of 2013.

Americans don’t hold the only franchise on dumb acts in government. It’s a worldwide occurrence.

Dumbness prevails because it’s humans at work. We’ve all done dumb things that we have regretted.