o his credit, President Barack Obama won two presidential elections. That so far is his shining star. He wants to go down in history as a great president. His record so far doesn’t suggest that he will.

His lone signature accomplishment as president is ObamaCare, a controversial health care program that polls tell us the American people don’t want. He is willing to do almost anything to preserve it. The Republicans and some Democrats, who are quiet about it, want to defund it, or at least amend some of the provisions.

That’s what this government shutdown is all about!

President Obama allows his elevated opinion of his intellect to get in the way of compromise, which is another reason for the mess we have today. He believes he knows what is best for the American people. He does listen to his advisers, but doesn’t trust their judgment and it is his way — nothing else. His mindset doesn’t allow room for compromises.

olumnist Pat Buchanan, whose comments are on these pages, said the president must preserve his prize program to ensure “himself a paragraph in the history books.”

Buchanan also wrote that it is a “sick mind” that allowed military monuments and our cemeteries at the Normandy beaches to be closed due to the government shutdown. Buchanan blames those decisions on the “White House complex.” Probably President Obama and his staff didn’t know much about the Honor Flights’ visits to the memorials in Washington, D.C. He knows about them now because veterans last week said they were going to see them even if it meant being arrested. The federal government relented and the barricades came down.

That whole episode in the nation’s capital last week was insulting to veterans!

The American people want to end this shutdown mess through some kind of a compromise. We haven’t heard a single person say he or she supports the shutdown and the actions by Congress and the White House.

o be fair, we know there are members of Congress who regret the shutdown and are just as disgusted about the mess as those of us far away from Washington, D.C. The truth is most members of Congress can’t do anything about because of politics and the leaders of both parties who have the power. The Republican-controlled House has tried to advance legislation that would fund government agencies but which call for some revisions of ObamaCare. The Democratic president and leaders in the Democratic-controlled Senate have rejected compromises.

There is no leadership in the White House to bring the waring factions together. What we are seeing in this whole mess is a lack of leadership.

Other countries, especially due to our foreign policies, no longer look upon the United States as the world’s leader. The Obama policy of “leading from behind” perhaps more than anything else reflects on the amateurism we have emitting from the White House.

We have said it before and we will repeat ourselves: Obama doesn’t think like most Americans. He still is trying to figure out who he is, where he fits. We suggest he study American history and perhaps he then will know why the majority of Americans think the way they do about this country. And he must stop being overly concerned about himself and his place in history and direct his actions to continuing the unique pride and the value Americans hold in being part of this great country.