It must have been 20 years ago when a traditional, longtime Washington Democrat said his party, to which he had been very loyal, left him. He didn’t feel he had left the party. He still supported some incumbent Democrats but he could no longer stomach the party’s swing to the far left. It is much further to the left today than it was 15 or 20 years ago.

This offended Democrat didn’t become a Republican. He became an Independent. Thousands of others, who were middle-minded on issues, also became Independents.

A disgusting example of why the party has moved to the extreme left occurred at the Democratic National Convention. That issue is detailed in Pat Buchanan’s commentary on this page. It had to do with the Democratic Party’s platform, which did not mention God once!

Some vocal Democrats exploded. President Barack Obama felt the shockwaves. He ordered the reinstating of God in the platform. However, many wide-eyed liberals in the party objected. When the platform change was presented to the delegates, three times there was loud shouting of “no.” Those jeers offended many other Democrats and give support to the belief that mention of God was left out of the platform deliberately.

Buchanan put it this way: “The country led by the Democratic Party of Obama is being de-Christianized.”

Democrats of another generation, and some of the present generation, wonder, “How did this happen?”

It has been a steady movement from the middle to the extreme left, which pokes fun at religions and their beliefs in God.

Can the Democratic Party be saved from its extreme leanings to the left? The answer is that only if the Democrats of the middle regain control.

The Republicans are facing the same problem of extremism, the move to the far right. If the Republicans of the middle lose out to the radicals on the far right, the party is going to lose members. The radicals already have gained control of the party in some counties. They are making gains in many states.

Republicans need to heed the warning exemplified by the Democrats.

President Obama, whose mentors were members of the communist and socialist societies, as detailed in the film documentary, “2016: Obama’s America,” is being held in check somewhat by level-headed Democrats (yes, there still are some). President Obama and his party don’t want to lose the White House and that’s why they are holding back somewhat on the radical ideas they have for the country. But they still strongly promote the killing of the unborn, which is as evil as genocide.

There are many God-fearing Democrats who aren’t happy with their party on some issues, such as abortion, but they have lost control of the party to the far left.

President Obama pledged to unify the country. He has been one of the most divisive presidents in our nation’s history. The disunity we have is harmful to this nation and its people. This disease can be conquered with leadership that is in the middle, thereby promoting unity, pride in the fundamental beliefs that made this country so great, and not excluding God!