For a long time we have wondered why the Big Media is so liberal. We thought of that again when we looked at recent news magazines with President Barack Obama on the front cover. We think of it when we listen to major network reporters and commentators. The biases were very noticeable during both conventions.

The liberals adore Obama. They love his liberal full bent. Some do admit to his mistakes, his drifting foreign policy, his mismanagement of the economy, his failure to live up to the promises he made four years ago, but they say he has learned a thing or two, is better equipped to handle affairs in the next four years, or he needs four more years to fulfilll his promises.

It must be pointed out the majority of Big Media was liberal before Obama was born, wherever that happened. Obama didn’t make the Big Media liberal, but when he came along, they embraced him as their darling! Now they make excuses for him and try to present him as being governmentally reborn, more experienced.

Try as he may, he is not the Inspirational Kid any more. He’s lost some of his luster as a speaker. He’s no different than many of our former presidents in running for re-election. It’s win at all costs. The party must retain the White House. Destroy your opponent. Take the low ground if necessary. Big Media is on your side. Liberals are not going to investigate anything about you that would jeopardize your chances.

Dorothy Rabinowitz, a member of The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board, wrote: “In 2012 Barack Obama is no longer delivering thrilling speechs, but an unembarrassed press corps is still available, in full prosecutorial mode when it comes to coverage of the Republican challenger. If you hadn’t heard the story about Mitt Romney’s bullying treatment of another student during his prep-school days —1965, that is — the Washington Post had a story for you, a lengthy investigative piece. On the matter of Mr. Obama’s school records, locked away and secured against investigation, the press maintains a serene incuriosity.”

There are newsmen still willing to tell it as it is. For instance, Rich Lowry, writing in Time magazine, said Obama painted a bright, shinning lie in his speech that launched his career in 2004 at the Democratic Convention. “He has walked away from the ideals that launched his career” in 2004, Lowry wrote. “Obama was a bipartisan uniter; in 2012 he’s Al Davis,” Lowry added.

Of course, other liberal candidates are in the Big Media love nest. It’s not just at the highest level.We don’t have to look too far to see Big Media holding hands with state liberal candidates. In Missouri, it’s generally accepted that the state has moved to the right. That’s why some Democratic candidates seeking re-election have tired to move to the middle of the political spectrum. Sen. Claire McCaskill touts her 50 percent, middle-of-the-road position, ranking in a recent poll of where the candidates stand on issues. Gov. Jay Nixon’s use of the word independent is an attempt to convey he’s not in the mold of his party members in Washington, D.C. The two candidates probably don’t have much to worry about in being re-elected. The stumbling by McCaskill’s opponent, Todd Akin, has lifted her from being in trouble to being safe. Nixon is not a flaming liberal. He’s a wise politician and chooses his stance on issues very carefully.

We talked to a journalism student recently who attends the University of Missouri. She said her instructors mostly are liberal. We have no idea whether that is the case at other journalism schools. We have been told journalism students for the most part are bright — too bright to be converts to the right? We don’t believe all students going into journalism are liberals. We do believe that some can be influenced by their instructors. We know there are others who are not swayed and recognize the positions of their instructors, accept that fact, and hold true to their beliefs.

The question could be asked, is the influence of journalism professors the reason why we have so many liberals in the Big Media?

It’s a fact that not all members of the Big Media majored in journalism. Many have degrees in other fields.

The liberals in the Big Media will be found evenly in print and broadcast journalism. Is there something about government and politics that attracts liberals to a journalism career?

We don’t have the answers to all the questions we posed. The liberal bias in the Big Media, however, is clearly recognizable.