Bill Clinton will never leave the Democratic Party. He will never leave politics. He’s a professional politician who in retirement really misses the White House, so much so that he would like to join his wife there, and that’s why he has never stopped promoting Hillary as a presidential candidate.

Publicly, he supports President Barack Obama and is helping to raise funds for his re-election campaign. Privately, he views the president as ill-equipped for the job and a bungler, according to a large number of reports.

The Week magazine went as far as to say: “Bill Clinton: A Dangerous Surrogate.”

Clinton has praised Mitt Romney’s business career as “sterling.” Clinton also has suggested extending George W. Bush’s tax cuts. That goes against the Obama grain and has the president’s re-election team in dithers. They have learned not to trust Bill.

The former president also has placed wife Secretary of State Hillary in a touchy if not precarious position. She’s loyal to the president and certainly is trying to do her very best for her country. Undoubtedly, she is hearing from members of her party who say they are sorry she lost the primary race to Obama. In effect, they are telling her should would have made a better president than Obama.

There are a number of theories circulating as to Bill Clinton’s political maneuvering, according to The Week. “Some say he is deliberately sandbagging Obama, his rival for Democratic affections. Others suspect he’s hoping to boost Romney into an economically disastrous presidency, so that Hillary can claim the White House in 2016.”

The Week also quoted a political writer as saying that the only reliable truth about the man “is that he has lots of complex motives — all of them self-serving.”

Bill Clinton at a recent Obama fundraiser said, “Remember me? I’m the only guy that gave you four surplus budgets out of eight I sent.” For  those keeping score, that’s four more than Obama will ever deliver, the article in The Week reported.

There are those political observers who say Bill Clinton meddled in the campaigns of Al Gore and John Kerry, and even proved to be a detriment to his wife when she was running against Obama. They say he considers himself the foremost political consultant in the country.

There’s no question that Bill Clinton is full of himself to the point where his ambitions still stir political waters. He had the potential to be a good president, and he was in many matters, but his lack of self-discipline diverted attention from pressing international and national issues, and to his record. The Democrats went through an embarrassing period while Clinton was president. Because Hillary stuck by him is why she is where she is today.

President Obama knows he has to watch his back in dealing with Bill Clinton, who always has had a political agenda that places his hands on the gavel of authority.