Every year at this time there is an accounting of everything, including life in general. People think about their age, even though it may not be their birthday time. Another year older — it can be hard to swallow — as the old year winds down.

It is especially troublesome to those “young” people who are near their 40th or 50th, or 60th birthdays. Those seem to be ageposts along the road of life. In other words, people think about those years and what it means in their lives. For those reaching 70 or 80, forget about it. They know how to handle the marching years of age.

Of course, there are aging signs, and we aren’t just talking about those lines on faces. Here are a few observations that tell people they are getting old:

When the highlight of the week is getting a new set of tires;

When the conversation is dominated by medical news, including operations, doctor visits and aliments in general;

When the television isn’t loud enough;

When the newspaper comes and the first page you read is the death news and obituaries;

When suspenders become necessary for men;

When your offsprings insist on driving, especially taking the ladies to the hairdresser;

When you prefer old movies on TV rather than the new ones;

When your seating place in church is the location where you can hear the best;

When sons and daughters reach age 50;

When people are more kind to you and offer a hand to make sure you don’t fall;

When you watch somebody else cut your grass and shovel snow;

When tying shoes is a chore;

When a friend says he gets all the exercise he needs by getting out of bed and dressing;

When your grandchildren are taller than you;

When the crowd is smaller at each reunion;

When loud music becomes noise;

When you use a shopping cart as a walker;

When relatives want to tape your military experiences while you are still here;

When renewing your driver’s license is not a hassle and it’s joyful;

When you learn that another friend has moved into a nursing home;

When using a cane is a welcomed assist;

When anticipation is great in getting a new toilet seat;

When being politically incorrect is a sign of being truthful;

When you witness ignorance and your blood pressure rises;

When navigating steps is considered the exercise of the day;

When you flip one TV channel after another and there’s nothing of interest; and

When you realize the dumb things you did when you were young.