It was actually a white Christmas this year. I couldn’t believe it especially because the temperatures had been warm last week.

I heard that it hasn’t been a white Christmas in seven years. Thanks, global warming. For some reason, waking up to snow makes it feel more like Christmas and so to me, it hasn’t felt like Christmas since 2007.

This year, my parents hosted Christmas where extended family came for food, gifts and quality time. My mom made her famous lasagna and green bean casserole, my aunt brought her mouth watering party pizzas among other food. My other aunt brought a variety of delicious cookies and pies. Needless to say, I overate.

We usually play a gift game such as rob your neighbor, however this year, my cousin introduced a new game inspired by Oprah. Every year, Oprah Winfrey releases a list of her favorite things that year. What my family and I did, we chose one of our favorite things we can’t live without. We had to buy three of the same item.

All the items were placed on a table and everyone got to pick three items they wanted. The order of when we got to choose those items was determined by age (so I got to go last), by a number (I was No. 16 out of 17) and by alphabetical order (I was not last that time).

We each had to explain what our favorite things were that we put on the table and why it is our favorite. I put three dark chocolate Ghirardelli chocolate bars with lottery tickets. My favorite kind of dessert has to involve chocolate and I like dark chocolate the best. The lottery tickets were an added bonus.

At the end, I got Doritos (which are my favorite chips), grape-flavored bubble gum and a $5 bill.

I highly recommend playing this game and I hope we play it again next year.