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Shopping Extravaganza

I had a successful tax-free weekend of shopping. My mom and I went to a crowded West County Mall in Des Peres Saturday afternoon. I was in need of a few cosmetic items and new shoes.

We roamed Nordstrom, which was having a sale on certain clothing and shoe items. I had my eye on a pair of cushy new dress shoes. After trying them on, my mom decided to try on the same pair.

If I was younger, I would have been mortified if my mom tried on the same pair as me, but now since I’m older, I took it as a style compliment. I was disappointed the shoes were not on sale, but we each bought a pair anyway. I guess we’ll just have to coordinate our shoes if we attend any family functions.

We also ventured to Wal-Mart where it was busy with parents and kids shopping for school supplies. Since my mom is a teacher, she scurried through the school supplies section and gathered a few items.

Although I’ve been out of college for a few years (that’s still hard to believe), it feels weird not having to buy an array of notebooks, folders, pencils and binders.

Growing up, my favorite school item to shop for (besides clothes) was folders. There were so many patterns, animal prints and cool phrased folders to choose from. It was fun trying to decide which ones I would take home, although it seemed like tough decisions to make at the time.

Home Movies

On Sunday, after a delicious home-cooked meal of steaks, potato casserole, corn, and brownies at my parents’ house, my sister turned on some home movies.

My dad and my uncle used to record every family party and gathering. We watched a Thanksgiving movie from the late 1980s, when my cousins were toddlers, my sister was a baby and before I was born.

It is hilarious to watch what clothes were worn back then, the hairstyles and the huge glasses that take up half of your face. I also like to watch how young my parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents were back in the day.

My family still has home movies on VHS tapes. In the future, I need to take some time and burn them on to DVDs.