A year ago was when I started listening to podcasts while driving. I became tired of listening to my music and the same song that plays 1,000 times on every radio station.

My new favorite podcast I recently discovered is called “My Favorite Murder.” It’s really good despite the fact that the podcast includes two ladies talking about true crime shows. The podcast is similar to the show “Forensic Files,” but with a touch of comedy and no visual aids.

It started in January 2016 with 90 podcasts and 40 mini episodes.

What makes this podcast so great is that the two ladies who host the podcast, Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, not only are comedians, but they tell the stories well.

For the first 20 minutes of each podcast, they talk about normal things and it could seem boring for a third person. If that’s not your style, I suggest fast forwarding to where they talk about the crime stories.

I never know what kind of stories they will tell in each podcast and each one is more ridiculous than the last. The murders they tell range from any decade in time and from any state.

In the mini episodes, the hosts read emails from fans about a murder that happened in their hometown. I enjoy listening to those the most because you never know what crazy story someone will send in.

If you like true crime shows and are not offended by some profanity, then I suggest “My Favorite Murder” and become a “murderino” like I have.

The podcast “Serial” is another I recommend. In each season, investigative journalist Sarah Koenig tells true stories over a number of episodes and tries to answer lingering questions associated to each story.

The first season is the most interesting because she talks to an inmate over the phone and tries to figure out if he actually killed his girlfriend several years ago or not. However, there is not a real conclusion, but intriguing nonetheless.

I’m taking any podcast recommendations for new podcasts in the future.