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Now that Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas tree game in my family has started.

The Christmas tree game is very simple. You and a family member must be driving in a car, and if you see a tree on top of another vehicle and call it out, you receive a point.

The game has been going on in my family for as long as I can remember. It’s the best when you see two trees on one car. So far, I have a 3-0 score against my mom.

What are some of your holiday-inspired family games?

Another tradition is seeing a live performance around the holidays. Last weekend I saw the all male a cappella group Straight No Chaser with my mom, sister and her friend at The Fabulous Fox Theater.

The show was really good. My favorite part was when the group sang a satire about Disney movies, as well as mash ups of pop songs. It was also funny watching them dance like Beyonce as they performed “Single Ladies.”

I had not been to Fox in a while and I forgot how much architecture and design there is throughout the whole theater. Each time I go, I notice something new.

A capella is one of my favorite types of music, although I can’t sing a tune myself. As each member introduced themselves, they hummed a tune noting which part they sang. It was amazing how they had no accompaniment.

Speaking of singing groups, I am very excited about the “Pitch Perfect 3” movie that is coming out in December. It is the final movie in the series that will feature new a cappella music. I listened to the “Pitch Perfect 2” soundtrack probably 100 times. I recommend Straight No Chaser and the “Pitch Perfect” movie soundtracks if you like that kind of music.

Before the show, we went to The Fountain off Locust Street in St. Louis. The best thing to get there is grilled cheese. The one odd thing about the sandwich is that it has apple slices inside. I know, you think it would be gross, but it was actually very tasty.

For dessert, we shared ice cream and a brownie served in a mug. It was really rich and delicious.