"Have a nice day.” How often in one day do we hear those words. The words are boring, lack creativity and are not a substitute for “Thank you.”

So what are alternatives to those words?

One could answer in response that “Have a nice day” does not generally apply to everyone’s interpretation of what constitutes a nice day. For some people it may mean just being alive. For others it may mean something special in their lives is occurring on that particular day. There are people who consider it a good day when they have a job and are able to provide for their family. You get the drift about the words “Have a nice day.”

Of course, in some cases, people know early on that day that there is no way they can have a nice day due to circumstances in their individual lives.

There are more “bad days” than “good days” for many people because of their state of life.

"Have a good day” should not be banned from our vocabulary, but it should be used appropriately. How do you determine when it is appropriate? That’s a judgment call.

We like the words “Good luck” directed to someone, and it is generally more appropriate to say that than “Have a nice day.” Those words are not a substitute for “Thank you.”

“It was a pleasure to serve you” might be appropriate at the right time, in the right place.

“You are so kind” also can be another way of using departing words with some people in the right situation. Again, those words are not a substitute for “Thank you.”

Probably worn out now are the words “So long.” It’s much like “It’s good to see you.”

"Take it easy” can be another substitute as you depart, or people you are talking to leave. “Don’t work too hard” also can be a substitute.

It is the absence of the words “Thank you” that is bothersome. “Thank you” for reading this from an old guy who has his hang-ups.