It isn’t often that legislation passes the Missouri General Assembly without a no vote, and then is signed by the governor. House Bill 1320 is proof the lawmakers and the executive branch can agree on something. However, one may question as to the critical need for such a bill. Was there a serious problem with this matter?

House Bill 1320 prevents nursing mothers from being penalized for breast-feeding in public, and it allows a breast-feeding mother to request to be excused from jury duty. We believe the latter is important.

The legislation also expands current law to include a mother’s ability to pump breast milk, in addition to breast-feed, in any public or private location where the mother is authorized to be. If a mother breast-feeds a baby in public, or pumps milk, and does it in a proper, not wide-open manner, there’s nothing wrong with that.

We don’t know why anybody would object to this legislation, but it does raise the question of whether there needs to be legislation on just about every matter in our daily lives.