A federal agency has withdrawn trademark protection for the Washington Redskins, a member of the NFL, because it said the name is an insult to native Americans, usually referred to as Indians. Is this really an insult or is it just another one of those politically misguided incorrectness matters?

A three-judge panel at the Patent & Trademark Office ruled 2-1 that the name wasn’t worthy of federal trademark protection. According to reports, the decision threatens millions of dollars the Redskins and the National Football League make from selling merchandise and sponsorships. The decision is expected to be appealed. That will delay any potential effect of the decision for years.

We ask if the name “The Red Man” is politically correct? Is that name an insult to American Indians? That was the name of an official publication of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania. True, that was some years ago when Jim Thorpe made the school famous, and apparently none of the Native Americans were offended by the title of the publication. “The Red Man” publication was mentioned in the biography of  Jim Thorpe, “Native American Son,” by Kate Buford, which may be the best story ever written about Thorpe, a great athlete. In fact in 1950, he was named the best football player of the half century in an Associated Poll of sportswriters and radio broadcasters.

Times have changed and not for the good for the general welfare of Americans. Would it be considered politically correct today to call a football team “The Red Men.” It apparently  would have been proper in Jim Thorpe’s era. In fact, it probably would have been looked upon as an honor to have a team named after the Red Man race. 

We ask, is the name Redskins worse than Red Man? We hope the Washington Redskins keep their name. It is ridiculous to say that’s an insult to Native Americans. If an American Indian objects to Redskins, we question the motive. That Indian apparently isn’t aware of the Red Man’s rich history. 

In most instances, political correctness is dumbness! This is another example.