There are a lot of University of Missouri basketball fans throughout the state. There have been  a lot of disappointed fans. There has been a disconnect!

It appears Athletics Director Mike Alden has made the right decision on the right connection in selecting Kim Anderson, former MU player, assistant coach and who is a proven, able coach, which his record illustrates.

He is the man many alums wanted for the job after the speedy departure of Coach Frank Haith, who never made the connection with the university and the fans. His reliance on transfer players, who also were, for the most part, disconnects, didn’t help. Although Haith had a decent record at MU, he never seemed at home with his brief-encounter type of players.

Anderson has Missouri blood in his veins, from Sedalia, knows the state, the high schools that develop Division I players, and has that home-town flavor with the MU topping that the fans yearned for — a delicious Missourian flavor.

After Coach Norm Stewart retired, the three nomads that followed turned out to be mistakes, though, admittedly, they looked like they had promise initially. Anderson should have been an earlier choice. However, now he is seasoned, a proven leader of players, recruiting-wise, skilled, eager to make his mark and he will bring back the attendance that has been eroding in recent seasons. 

Very few coaches begin a new job with a favorable-fan-base such as Anderson has. Welcome home to a Tiger whose thoughts and roots never left MU!