The city of Washington annexation plan that is being advanced for a vote is quite modest in scope. The city hopes it can be before voters in August.

Still to be accomplished is an annexation plan of intent, public hearings and final approval by the city council.

The annexation plan, according to what officials are saying now, is to present to voters small sections to be annexed rather than a large area. Land to the west and to the south are in the plan being prepared and proposed now. It would include Meadowlake subdivision to the south off of Pottery Road.

The city has been meeting with property owners in the areas to be annexed, and has been answering questions. The city has been open about the entire process.

What is being proposed for annexation is land that should be in the city. Annexation will make the city’s boundary lines more even. Also, what is being proposed would permit some expansion through voluntary annexation.

There always are “no” votes when annexation is proposed. The city of Washington is years behind in annexation. We’re playing catch up.

There are many advantages to being in the city. Overall, the main benefit is that it adds value to property. Police, fire protection and other city services add to the value of property. Often we hear people who live outside the city say, “I’ve got all of that now.” That may be true, but is the quality of those services as good as what is provided in the city? What about the cost?

The city of Washington is a well-run municipality. It has an excellent reputation. That’s where the value comes into play. The city can provide quality services to the areas proposed for annexation. That makes private property more valuable.