Thanks to the Missouri Press Association, the state Blue Book will be printed again. The General Assembly discontinued printing the Official Manual, State of Missouri book, commonly known as the Blue Book because of its traditional blue cover and back. 

Since 2011, the Blue Book, has been available only online. Lawmakers discontinued the printed book as a money-saving move, they said.

Many people were disappointed when the print edition was discontinued. The secretary of state has the Blue Book responsibility. Jason Kander, secretary of state, welcomed the press association’s sponsorship of the printed edition of the 2013-14 edition, which has been online since December.

The press association will handle the production and distribution of the Blue Book under the guidance of Kander’s office. The Blue Book provides Missourians with information about our state, federal and local governments. As Doug Crews, executive director of the press association, said, with a Blue Book at your fingertips, it makes interacting with elected officials and government officials “vastly easier” with the printed book.

The press association will seek bids for the printing and the exact cost to people who seek to buy the book isn’t known yet. It is expected to be available late this spring.

The Blue Book is an invaluable source of information about your government, elected officials and state agencies. Many people didn’t like going online for the information in the Blue Book. The Blue Book, which comes out every two years, really is a state history publication. It’s a great reference book.

This is not a money-making project for the press association. It’s a public service endeavor.