To The Editor:

This is a letter to the editor and the people of Missouri:

Two years ago I received notification from the auto insurance companies about Missouri having the secondworst drivers in the nation. This, I thought, I should check for myself.

In my 61 years of driving, around 4 million miles under my belt, I have never had a ticket or accident. I have become a highway safety expert.

I was taught in high school to drive defensively. Today you can’t do that!

One thing about Missouri, there are no highway safety laws. Just a bunch of hodge-podge laws that are not being enforced.

The big push now for the state is simply “buckle up”! Now the only way you can get caught is if there is another infraction being observed. The fine for not buckling up is ONLY 10 bucks. Big deal, pay the fine, (coffee money)! Did you know the state stands to lose $20 million-plus if it doesn’t start enforcing the seat belt law?

Next is distractive driving, such as talking or texting on the phone while driving. Did you know, in Missouri, “only persons under 21 can be stopped and fined?” Why is this? Simply, there are more voters over 21 than under! The state lawmakers would be voted out of their cushy jobs if they were to make stricter highway laws.

Finally, drinking and driving! Now, this season, there is again a big push to stop DWI-DUI. The feds again are giving millions to states to enforce this. Why?? For years they have been giving money to states to stop drinking and driving, and still people drink and drive. The reason: There is no punishment!

A guilty driver may pay a minimal fine of a couple hundred dollars and lose their drivers license. Big deal, they go out, buy another car or borrow someone’s car and drive anyway. Just another round circle.

I read newpapers that print the court results and see, time after time, persons driving with no insurance. Big deal, pay a small fine and back on the road again.

Isn’t it time Missouri had enforceable highway safety laws and enforced?

Do you want your highways to be safe?

Join me in an effort to make Missouri highways safer! Take the pledge today at!!