The cries calling for the resignation of the head of the Veterans Affairs agency are getting louder and we don’t see how he can survive in the position. President Barack Obama said he plans to have a “serious conversation” with Eric Shinseki, a former Army general who heads the agency.

The controversy centers on health care for military veterans, the long waits to see a doctor and in general conditions at our VA hospitals. Long waits have resulted in deaths, according to news reports. However, some veterans are satisfied with the care they have been given.

Shinseki probably will be forced out, but the problems at VA hospitals go much deeper and his departure isn’t going to solve all of the problems, some of which have been around for a long time, according to reports.

We believe links to private and public hospitals, and to doctors, should be made when the VA hospitals and doctors can’t see veterans on a timely basis. Of course, the government would have to pay whatever charges are assessed. In the meantime, the entire agency and its facilities need to be investigated. There is one in progress now, but how thorough will it be? It is apparent that better oversight is needed.