To The Editor:

I’m sure by now most St. Clair Junior and High School parents are aware of the chromebooks being issued to the students with or without our approvals.

There is nothing wrong with the way or grandparents, parents, we or our children were being taught. This is just another way for the school to charge the parents. The chromebooks belong to the St. Clair School system, yet we, the parents, have to pay a $20 usage fee.

Of course, we could choose not to pay the fee, but then our child would be targeted by teachers and other students; kids can be very cruel and make fun of others, and that could lead to bullying or possibly suicides, which we have had in the past. If any damage happens to the chromebook, we are responsible for repairs — first time, $50; second time, $100; and third time, $280, which is the cost of the chromebook.

If anything we own breaks down it is our responsibility to repair or replace that item because it belongs to us. The chromebook does not belong to me, so why should I be responsible for something that isn’t mine? (communism).

Most items do have a form of warranty; is the school trying to charge us and keep our money? (I say, of course, they are.) Why is it that the parents could not vote on this issue? We had no say whatsoever. (Again, communism.)

Look at the amount of school taxes we pay every year. Look at all the different buildings and rental properties the school owns. Once I went shopping at Union Wal-Mart and saw a St. Clair R-XIII truck there with three ladies. I don’t know for sure why they were there, but it doesn’t take three people to do the job of one person. That is our tax dollars! They have too many workers. Why do they need a superintendent and two assistant superintendents? (Our tax dollars.) Why does the high school need two assistant principals? (More tax dollars.)

Many of the workers spend most of their time either driving to McDonald’s for ice cream, are outside talking on cellphones or driving around town. Even family members come by, and some spend hours hanging out together. I have seen this myself on many occasions.

If the school needs money, cut back on employees. We are tired of handing over our hard-earned money. (Remember, we pay your salary.) This district also has numerous vehicles that we have paid for: four to six older pickups, numerous newer utility-style trucks, a brand new truck, van, new cars, a suburban and more. Of course, more tax dollars from us (Stop wasting our money!).

You want chromebooks, you pay for them out of our tax dollars.

Editor’s Note: Name withheld per request.